Colorado Springs…

…Not this view… 😦
…this is Sweden…view from my sewingroom… nice isn´t it!!!
The rain just pours down…

…glad I´m inside…
but the mailman had a package for me…from Colorado Springs… 🙂

…it was my Four Seasons Quilt Swap ” Summer” from Joanna… I thought this one was lost too… but it showed up …
…Joanna used some of my favourite fabrics from 3 sisters in this one… they are pretty …isn´t they…I love it… and thanks for the boats…might need them if the rain doesn´t stop…
This one is already hung up over my bed….
Thankyou so much Joanna for your lovely quilt!!!

Yesterday Linda had her birthday…and we celebrated that with dinner at a thai restaurant…and as always…Mmmmm…it was good… And after that her friends came over for tea and some nice chocolatcake… No I didn´t bake it…and I didn´t use my new apron…SORRY!!!! Have to be better on this… 🙂
But I did manage to sew a….

….little bag to Lindas new cellphone…
….a clever pattern from Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen … it is in her new book
…even my youngest daughter wanted one…so I better get out some black fabrics for her… 🙂

Linda is on her train for her new destination and will arrive tomorrow at noon…
and I miss her!!!! But I know she´s already having a good time…chatting with her passengers and with new goals ahead!! Love you… :L and please….


8 thoughts on “Colorado Springs…”

  1. I like you quilt from Joanna and the colour looks great. Love the cellphone bag that you made for Linda, colour that I like :))No raining here to day but its hang around…Take care!

  2. Stina, the little quilt you recieved it so nice. I can tell you are proud of it. I love the bag you made for the cell phone. I took a peek at the book you mentioned. Beautiful projects, but I would have an awful time reading it. I don’t know the swedish language at all.

  3. Hi Stina,I don’t know what it is about the rain, but I love to sew when it rains and we have had a lot. Tomorrow 70%-gotta sew. Is this the first time Linda has left? My son’s first year of college, after we dropped him off, 5 hours away, I cried all the home. My eyes were so swollen the next day, it was really bad. But then he would come home with all of his dirty laundry and I say, “When are you leaving?”…you know I love him.Hope you get a lot of stitchen’ done.Hugs,Bonnie

  4. Some cute things have come your way. The little quilt is adorable and I love that cell phone case. Lucky you. I’m actually hoping for some rainy days – makes me want to stay inside and sew.Hugs – Karen

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