Happy Birthday Linda and Mum!!!!

My darling Mum and beloved Linda…celebrate their birthdays on the same day!!
My Mum knew Linda was going to be born this day…she felt that early that morning 22 years ago… Mums do know everything …don´t they!!! 🙂
How can time go so fast Linda …
…and today ready for the big world out there… at least south of Sweden for studies to become a Librarian… 125 swedish miles away…
Tomorrow she takes the train and head off to a special and exciting part of her life…
I wish for you three lovely but of course hard study years…
I know you will have the best time ahead…
so good luck!!!
But today we celebrate you beeing 23… sorry 22 … 🙂
( have to tease you a bit Linda… Hmmmm…this is the age she thought she was… 😉 age was not so important … !!! )
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

And Happy Birthday to you Mum… 69 years today…. the best of all… you are the one I always can count on….
the one who always support me…and the one I can rely on when times are tough…
Thanks for beeing there… Love you…
Happy Birthday to You Mum!!!


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Linda and Mum!!!!”

  1. Happy birthday to Linda and your mum!!And I wish Linda the best. She is going to have a great time. Must tell you when my DD called me yesterday asking: Mum what can I make for dinner today….do you have any ideas. I just had to tell her: dear thats your problem now, now you perhaps understand why I always asked you what you wanted for dinner, it’s not always that easy to have ideas what to make LOL

  2. Birthday Wishes for Your DD & Mum Stina… Sharing a Birthday is Special Stuff… My Mum & I share one also as I was her 21st Birthday Gift…LOL Lucky Lady !!!

  3. Happy Birhtday Mom and Linda! Even though we never met I feel like I do know both of you. Have a great day! Good luck on your move and new life Linda!

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