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My Angel Story…. :)

I have felt the pressure on me the last week…
( thanks Inger Lise… 😉 ) and finally I can say …
…I am almost finished with my top… 🙂
I just have to figure out what to use for border…Hmmm…
I think I will have enogh fabric to make a scrappy border…and I think I have a green flower fabric from the same line of fabric…and there might be two larger pieces of some pink flower and paisley fabric left… So …what to use…????
Ok …that will be another days quandry…
I´m pretty pleased with myself today… 🙂
Wonder how it has been going for May Britt… I know that she has been on all four today struggeling with her pieces… better check her out… 😉

See you…


38 thoughts on “My Angel Story…. :)”

  1. YOur quilt top is looking great! Well Done!I will have to post my angels soon; just been reluctant to post half stitched ones….. you have given me the push I needed to get them done!Bec xxx

  2. It is beautiful! Your fabric choices look like they came right out of my stash, just so pretty and right along with my own favorites! Congratulations on getting this top together, I have enjoyed watching yours and Mays progress on it.

  3. Well done Stina, bet you’re glad you’re nearing completion. I finished another block last night, think I’ve got about 8 to go!I’m not giving in though, once our school fair is over it’ll be full steam ahead (with a couple of swap projects in between!)

  4. Oh sooo pretty, and look at all those gorgeous pinks…lol….. I’ve made a start, have quite a few blocks prepped ready to stitch. Are you going to sned me THIS one?…….

  5. Heia kor fine dei blir – englene dineJo da – med mine engler går det framover – er ferig med 10 stk – og eg kosa meg i bulgaria med englene der ogDet ligger eit bilde av dei på bloggen minSmil fra monika

  6. Hellooooo, Stina ! ;>)This is a question about An Angels Story quilt, HeeHee…Actually, I'm making it with a local friend (her version in pastels, mine in brights :>) and we are "argueing" about the last top-step : she insists that there is a flowers BORDER (after the squares), and I say there isn't !So we need your opinion ! LOL LOL(maybe I need new glasses ???)XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXONADINE

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