A lovely Book!!!

In todays mail I got my book that I won at May Britts giveaway…and this book do have sooo many things I want to do!!! 🙂 …and I got a nice little quilty card too…
Thanks so much May Britt!!! :L

No sewing yet…but my plans for tonight are some serious sewing…oh ..let it be soooooo!!!!
So my Angels are waiting for me…see you soon!!
Wait a minute….
today I found a new blog (again) …take your time and visit her…guess what…she´s having a give away too!!!
And this lady have been blogging for a year….Hurray for her!! And she is having the most wonderful giveaway!!


8 thoughts on “A lovely Book!!!”

  1. Hi Stina, I went out of town and had to get caught up on your blog. Your cupcake swap you made Linda are so cute. So talented and can’t wait to see your angel quilt finished. Congratulations on your win at My Britt giveaway and thanks for the information on the other sites, I’ll have to go check them out. Your table in your sewing room is very creative. I think our DH’s just shake their heads because they didn’t think about it. Happy Stitchen’Hugs,Bonnie

  2. I am looking forward to my parcel from being a winner on May Britt’s blog…enjoy the book Stina…I have quite a few of Bronwyn’s designs…I hope your night had plenty of serious sewing and some fun stuff too!

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