Angel Story Club

Is this messy enough???

Have to admit…it´s not so messy yet…but it will be…believe me…I´m just glad that I finally found my way to my sewingroom…
Cause the PRESSURE is on…
There is some lovely Angels beeing made around the world…take a look in Australia…and in Norway… and this my ladies is amazing…How in the world could she have been that fast???
I feel the pressure Inger Lise…THANKYOU!!!
And do you know something else… She has reached 100 …so she´s having a give away!!

…Angels on the way…

And we have some new ladies who have joined Angel Story Club…
Bec, Jo in Tas, Kerri, Linda, Lise and Monika
Visit them and see if some Angels have showed up at their blogs…

How is it going…ladies???
Is there any progress… September is close now… Marica…have you had some Angels with you on your holiday???
I know..September isn´t the most important date…it is 1 st of January 2009!!!

Love to hear from you all…just a little something!!!
Good luck!!


6 thoughts on “Is this messy enough???”

  1. Hello!I also work on this angels project. It´s nice to se others fabric choice. The same pattern can be so different. I love your site and i adore your angels. Annika

  2. Lise is doing some serious pressure on us all LOL I will spend this weekend with my angel blocks. Hopefully the top will be ready to sept 30th (as a birthday present to myself LOL)

  3. Soo lovely your new workstation look. I love your way you put toghter the angel story quilt 😉 We have some blocks with us but the time to stitch is not so much 😦 hugs from Marica

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