Peg´s Challenge…

First of all…I wanted to thank Peg for Challenge us all to make some finishes…. I know I just didn´t quite make it…but within a day it was…
So here are mine finishes…
…and here are my speedy friend Louise´s finishes…
and no she still hasn´t gone into the blogging world…But I´m happy to show them…how couldn´t I…they are wonderful!! And some lovely flowers from her garden…
…and I know a lot of you have asked where I do these pictures…and I use Mosaic Maker
And I know some of you use Picasa…but they don´t have it for Mac yet …
…so I´m glad I found this one…

Happy Stitching to you all!!

18 thoughts on “Peg´s Challenge…”

  1. Hi Stina, your blog is very pretty, lots of lovely things to look at…You and your friend Louise have been very busy lately, everything is so bright and summery, middle of Winter here and it’s very cold! so the happy colours really cheer me up.

  2. We did good Stina!!!Can’t believe those UFO’s are finally finished! I’m ready for a new challenge like that….there are plenty more UFO’s hiding in my cupboards!Thank You Peg!

  3. Love your new header, although watching you and Lousie in the wading pool was fun…… Congratulations to both of you on all the finishes, such a wonderful feeling, and such pretty garden photo’s.

  4. Congratulations for winning May Britt’s Blogaversary Giveaway. You have a beautiful blog and I look forward to reading all of it (I’m new to your blog).Hugs,Susan in Michigan

  5. Very pretty collage Stina,lots of pretty flowers and quilts. Congrats on your awards in your last post,much deserved, and goodluck with your fabric hunting.

  6. I love your finishes for Peg’s challenge! The daisy quilt is wonderful as is the little doll and the green and pink quilt. That green and pink quilt is yummy!

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