I´m back from Arjeplog!!!

I have had a wonderful time spent with my family… It´s not so often we siblings get to meet and not the cousins either…so we had a lot of things to catch up on…
One day we spent all day out and walked on “Åsarna” …and we had a very good day…don´t you think??
…the kids were pretty tired after that day…but they sure did have some fun… 🙂
Do you think I got time for sewing??? I did try…Yes I did!!! But it didn´t work so well…so I´m pretty much under stress here… I heard you Linda…I heard you were ready… But I´m not… 🙂 so please do not send yet… relax…. 😉

My Mum and Dad have a little farm… and I thought I´d show you some pictures from it…especially you Donna…so here are some pictures from the farm…

…Since I got home…I tried to catch up on your blogs…and I see that things are happening out there… Some amazing angels have been done…just check out May Britts blog and I know Peg made some…and we have a new member at Angel Story Club… Kerri…and I know Jo is waiting for her book…
And my Four Season Quilt Swap has arrived to it´s owner…take a look here… and I´m so glad she liked it…

Tomorrow I will pack again…and on Wednesday I will travel to my friend Louise ( No blog) …and then LADIES…there will be some SEWING…I PROMISE!!!!
So take care and happy sewing to you all…


21 thoughts on “I´m back from Arjeplog!!!”

  1. Good summer pictures!Wednesday….wonderful!!!! I better start cleaning your room! I kind of figured that I wait til I know when you are coming! Fun, fun, fun!!!See you soon!

  2. Love your new header photo. Looks like everyone had a lovely time and you had good weather. Don’t stress, I’m not planing on mailing until the end of the month. Enjoy your time with your friend.

  3. Lovely photos from your vacation!Enjoy your sewing days with the girls. Look forward to see what you all have whipped up during your sewing days together! Have a wonderful time!

  4. Thank you for those lovely farm photos. I love the old implements which remind me of those of my own youth on a farm.I am sure stitching is made better by fresh air.

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