More Louise quilts…and a country store..

She (Louise No blog) has done it again… made another wonderful quilt ready… Peg… this is her third!!! Hope she understands what will happend to her quilts…when they shows up at my blog…and this one is definetly mine!!!! 🙂
…Louise…I love this one!!…

No sewing at all for me… no time at all for that…too much happening here… Yesterday my oldest daughter moved home from her apartment…her home for 2 years… Shes going to study in the south of Sweden for the next three years…so she will be home for a month before she moves again…

…and the day before we took outselves a little tour south… DH is restless… and boring weather…so we went to this wonderful little country store in Skellefteå….
I could spend a lot of time here…finding new things all the time…and do need more money to spend!!! But it´s fun looking!!
I just love how they shows all wonderful things…
Just like an old shop…

..Hope you can see some of the nice things…
old buttons…lace…ribbons… old-fashioned candy…and a lot more….

…did I buy something…???

yes I did…couldn´t help myself…fell in love with some zinc things… will show you later…haven´t had time to pack it up yet!!!
This morning I washed the windows …boring…. and after that we went on a wedding…left hubby at the wedding dinner and went home with Viktor… oh we are going to have a lazy evening by the TV…eat some candy and have fun…
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend…

Ohhh.. Almost forgot….Peg has started her Angels and so has Monika…visit them and take a look…and I know that some new ones is soon going to join…they have just bought their books!!!
And if there is more angels out there beeing finished…just let me know…so we could take a look at them!!! Good luck Angel Story Members!!!


14 thoughts on “More Louise quilts…and a country store..”

  1. Lovely quilt Louise 🙂 —————————So Stina you and your family visit Skellefteå and not visit me 😦 I see you had enjoy the visit in the old country store! I had not visit it yet this summer but now when my daugther is free I hope we had time to do that.. Next time you drive by you must call me!!Have a nice evening with Viktor!Take care!

  2. Hi Stina,Looks like you had a great time, I love those type of shops you never know what you might find.You have a great weekend too. Take care JO

  3. Another lovely quilt Louise…. I love those sort of stores, so many treasures just waiting to be found. I think I could have spent alot in there.

  4. I could definately have that quilt of Louise’s, so could you please send it to med?? LOL! I don’t think she know what she is doing when she let you show off her quilts on your blog!! LOL again!Look like a great shop to visit on a lazy day!Have a nice sunday!

  5. Hey Stina! I haven’t popped in for a little while and look at what you and your friend Louise have been up to! Your summer quilt looks amazing and I looooove Louise’s log cabin quilt! I’ve been a good girl and finished two quilts for Peg’s challenge, but I’m running out of July! Will have to get moving! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  6. I just read about the accident. How tragic. I hope that she is doing better by now and will pray for her. I am a quilter too so I am glad that I found your blog. I’ll be back to visit again.Rhondi

  7. I wish I could visit that little shop! It looks so interesting. I see you have added another quilt to your stash. You are so smart! When you have the time, please visit my blog. I have given you an award.

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