Four Seasons Quilt Swap

My 4SQS Quilt…

First of all…
my girls and I want to thank all of you who have left comments about the tragic accident with their little sister… They were very happy to know that there is so many wonderful, thoughtful and sweet persons out there thinking of their sister and her family…
Thanks to you all!
The doctors are trying to save whats left of her foot and we hope for her best.

The world stood still for some days …
…but I managed to finish my 4SQS “Summer”…
…I´m very pleased how it turned out..this is true summer to me… skye and green grass… hope my partner will like my quilt! Infact I´m having a really hard time separating from this one… 🙂
For the moment I´m working with the label and hope to finish it soon…

…closeup with the ladybug button I added today…

This swap have been so fun to participate in … I recommend all of you to do this…you learn so much of yourself and challenge yourself to do things that you probably hadn´t done…
So go ahead….next time… 🙂

Peg…this was 1 finish from me….add that to the challenge!!!
Now I can start to think about my next Swap…the Cup Cake Swap…and Linda…I have plans for you…hope I can start in a couple of days… when things get back to a little bit normal…if they ever do…

At last but not least..I know my Norweigans friends have had a wonderful Saturday together and sewn on their ANGELS so please take a look at May Britt, Ida, Hanne and Inger Lise

And I hope that you all who are working on the Angels or searching for the book and are about to start this quilt…Good luck to you all…
A wonderful surprise will wait for someone that are finished by the 1st of January…
A really good one… 🙂

Please take care out there… you never know whats around the corner….


17 thoughts on “My 4SQS Quilt…”

  1. Stina, Am just catching up on blog reading. I’m so sorry to hear about the accident, I’llkeep her and the family in my prayers.Your 4SQS is gorgeous, is it coming to my home?……

  2. Hi Stina. I do really hope they can save her little foot.I think on you a lot. The summer swap was gorgeous I do understand why you have a hard time to send it.I am shure the catcher will be so happy. Thanks for linking our blogs.Take care and lots of hugs

  3. Stina – that is good news to hear they are doing all they can to save the little one’s foot. I have certainly had you on my mind these last few days *s*Your summer swap quilt is just beautiful . . . I wonder if I will be so lucky to find it in my very own mailbox? *s*

  4. Love your summer quilt!Wonder if I could start now and finish the Angel quilt by January….I love challenges!!!I’ll let you know when I get the book!

  5. Hi Stina, We will still keep the little girl in our prayers for her road to recovery. I love your 4SQS quilt. I’ve just worked on an apron and look what all you get done. I guess I will post it as a finish five.Keep busy with all of your projects.Hugs,Bonnie

  6. I hope they will be able to save as much as they can on her little foot, and that she and her family will recover as best as they can after this terrible accident.Loooove your swap quilt! It is gorgeous! Wished it was for me???Take care!

  7. Hi Stina! Love your 4 Seasons quilt- it is well stitched and adorable! As always, you do beautiful work! So sorry to hear about your daughters sister…I hope they can save her foot- I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

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