Terrible accidents happends…

I can not describe how sad I am…
Yesterday my girls half sister had an terrible accident…only 2 years old…we all know that sometimes things go to fast… and this time it did…
By accident she got her fot in the lawn mower… and pheeeww…it didn´t go well at all…today I was learned that she probably have to amputate her little foot…
My thoughts are with her and her family and to my girls of course…

32 thoughts on “Terrible accidents happends…”

  1. Dear StinaSo terrible and an accident that and it’sconsequencies that follow her as long as she lives.Send my thoughts to her and to you all.Ulla

  2. Första besöket på din blogg var ingen upplyftande läsning precis. Så hemskt, sådant får bara inte hända. Tänker på er och hoppas att allt blir till det bästa.Annars var det kul att besöka din blogg, många fina saker du har gjort. Kul att hitta en svensk tjej!

  3. Stina, dear, I’m sooo sorry for this little girl and the whole family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all…BIG (((HUG)))XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXONADINE

  4. Must have been a terrible fright for the whole family. I hope she has a swift recovery and they find a way to save her little foot.Love and Kisses to all your family

  5. Oh Stina – what sad news !Is there anything we can do to brighten the day a little for the little one and her family ?Card shower ?

  6. Oh my good lord I am so sorry to hear this! I worked as a nurse for 20 years, and a good part if it was in the post-operative recovery room. Reading this makes me very distressed, and I will keep this child in my prayers.

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