Four Seasons Quilt Swap, Quilters Journey

Sneak Peek and quilting

Some progress was made in the sewingroom… 😉
…I compleated my top for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap…
good to have it in progress…need to think a little of how to quilt it…
handquilt or not… colour of thread …AND HOW!!!
Will have it on the wall for some days and hope I can come up with something…
…while wondering on the quilting for the little summerquilt…I took up another quiltingproject…My Quilter´s Journey…I know it´s not finished yet…think I promised this spring…and can´t say it spring now …even if it´s cold…
…I love to quilt with perle cotton thread…really like the look of it…
And have worked so I only have one block left now… Woo hoooooo!!
Think I made a promise not to start my Butterfly Garden until this one is ready…and that promise I have kept!! At least that is something… 😉

Joined Sharon´s Cup Cake Swap the other day in a moment of weakness…or maybe it´s not…I don´t know…Deadline for that one is the 18th of August …
Aaarrggghhh…I´m absolutely out of my mind…!!
Right in the middle of our vacation plans…and my daughters move …pheew…need a secretary soon to keep track on my commitments!!!
Happy Stitching to you all…


22 thoughts on “Sneak Peek and quilting”

  1. I love your4 summer quilt, is it for me?……lol…. and your quilters journey is so pretty, love the colours. I think you need to tell me how you hand quilt with perle thread. I love the look of it.

  2. Wow good work Stina 🙂 perhaps I should take your jobb as a secretary 😉 Just call me and I will come.. What a great weather it was today? My fiance get burnd and now he is half red, just look funny. Now it´s time to go and sleep..Take care!

  3. StinaI am loving your quilters journey, I like to use perle thread to embroider and quilt with, I like its ‘shiny-ness’.. having said that, I haven’t quilted anything for such a long time, I send stuff on quilty holidays with long armers!thanks for sharing the pic!Lissa

  4. Hello There Stina… I found Sharon’s Cupcake Swap also but I was a bit too late – Blessing in Disguise??? The 4 Seasons Quilt is looking Good…

  5. Your summer quilt looks lovely!!! Wish it would be mine, but i’m not in this swap :(Another comitment…..we’ll quilt at least one thread on our leanne quilts… on your Quilters Journey and me on my Leannes House. Another angel finished yesterday. Bjørg has prepared all her angels and are doing the applique now. Next weekend is the big angel meeting 🙂

  6. Love your Summer quilt . . . I’m sure it will tell you just how it would like to be quilted – maybe perle cotton. That is a look I love, too *s*

  7. Hi Stina,you will be spending lots of time in your sewing room by the sound of it,YAY. Your daisy quilt looks lovely and the Leannes house one is sooo pretty.Might have to try some of that perle thread on mine.Have a great day.Hopefully this message is not no reply.

  8. Your 2 quilts in this post are verypretty and would like to see a picture of them when they are finished! A question for you…where can I find the Angel Story Club pattern? I would like to join your little club but not until I can find out where to get the pattern! Thank you! QGB

  9. The summer quilt looks great – there will be a lucky recipient somewhere :-)Your quilting looks good!I should do a little quilting on my Leanne’s House every day. Should….. ;-)Maybe I can do that later today, if we get the good weather the forecast is talking about.It would be nice to be able to sit outdoors again.

  10. Hi Stina! I love, love, love the 4 Seasons Quilt! Also love your quilters Journey! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt- 2 beautiful works!

  11. HI Stina,I am SO jelous you are working on your Quilters Journey quilt – argh I have to be SO strong and finish this one first. I do like the sound of the seasons one. After my easons cross stitch I am keen to see a quilt version. Hope you share the whole thing when it is finsihed (HINT HINT).Sarah

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