Just a quick note!!

Need to get some sewing done!!!!
Just so you know this…and me too… 🙂

Just have to say a few words before I take myself up to the sewingroom… ( haven´t noticed that the steps have been so high that I almost cant climb on them… 😉 )

I love all your comments …
they all make my days so special!!
But please…see to that you have an email attached to your comments…otherwise I CAN NOT answer your questions…
If you don´t know how to do this…take a look at Chookyblues blog…she made a tutorial today!!
And one more thing…make you email visible at your profile…if you want replys… And I love to make replys…!!! 🙂
So if you haven´t got any answers to your questions..thats because I can´t come in contact with you…so please make another try!!
Have a wonderful day and now I´m off to climb a mountain!! (read stairs)


8 thoughts on “Just a quick note!!”

  1. Did you say stairs? Yes, I too have my sewing room upstairs. Sometimes this makes me crazy! (and wore out) I get upstairs and left something downstairs that I needed upstairs…and vice versa! Thanks for the tutorial link…I am a new blogger as of this week and I am still working out the kinks. Belinda at Brown Dirt Cottage Blogspot

  2. Stina Hello: My name is Ana and I come from Granada Spain, a beautiful city to the south. We apologize for not putting my e-mail. If you’re so kind, because I am very interested in the project An Angels Story reports as I get the book. I say a distributor for Europe and if we can get into bookstores. I love your blog and I look every day. Excuse my English, but what can I do about a translator of google, I imagine it will not be very correct. Many thanks to respond. Anamoremar@Hotmail.com

  3. Hey Stina! Just thought I’d tell you some gals who have typepad accounts can’t get their email address to show up when they leave comments on a blogspot blog – some funny quirk of blogspot! My clever GB tried to find a way, but hasn’t yet. The only way is to include their emails in the comment. Hope you made it to the top of your stair mountain and had fun sewing – I’ve been cutting squares for a shaggy quilt after Peg inspired me with her lovely one! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

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