Happy Birthday!!!

One midsummerday nine years ago this little fellow was born….
and as you see…already at 6 months old…
you could see he was to like TENNIS!!!


And today …it´s the same…tennis and then some more tennis…all days practising agaist walls and whatever comes in the way… 😉
So in the packages for the big 9-year day…
there were only new outfits for the tenniscourt!!
And this was completely right…a big smile on his face..especially when he could dress in NIKE… just the same as his one time favourite… Rafael Nadal from Spain!!
Who this years plays in Viktors number one colour…. GREEN!!! Just sorry we couldn´t find the exact copy of Nadals clothes…but grey became just fine…as long as Viktor is happy!!
Happy Birthday
…Love you so much…


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!!”

  1. Hello Stina: I would like to make the quilt in the history of Los Angeles. Do not buy the book because postage is 2 times the value of the book. You know who distributes it in Europe? and if I can give the publisher and the isbn to ask the library to bring Spain. Kisses from Spain

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