Angel Story Club, Four Seasons Quilt Swap

More Angels…

Guess if I was tired the day after Cyber Stiching Day…
maybe I´m not as young as I think I am… 😉

Got 3 more members to Angel Story Club…first Nadine…and Peg…and Yvonne … she posted me some pictures of her completed top ( Yes it´s finished…but not quilted) and some of her wonderful Angels… you will find some more here… and I also know that Inger Lise has started on hers…so take a look at her wonderful angels!!
Some of you are still hesitating to join…cause you haven´t started on them…but most of these quilters haven´t started on theirs…
All we want to have is our Angel Story Quilts… 🙂
No matter how long it takes… Ok for me it does…but I have worked on it for more than 2 years!!! of Yvonne´s blocks…
…and her completed top…Congratulations!! Good luck with the quilting!!
…and I finished my last Angel blocks today…
…and I have cut out most of the squares for the quilt…can´t wait to start with the layout…one of the moments I like the most…
…Today I started with new energy with my 4SQS…finished the background and started to draw some flowers…tried out some in fabric… back on track again…and it feels good!
We got a little sweet visitor for the night…
Viktors cousin…Jarl 3 years old wanted to have a sleep over at his Aunt and cousin…
and tomorrow the next “gang” is coming… my brother and his wife and their
3 children ( 8 and the twins will soon be 6) will stay the next night…Oh my …where to put everybody… 😉 Guess I will come up with something…!!
So NO sewing for some days now…but I want to wish you all a wonderful week and Happy Sewing!!!

23 thoughts on “More Angels…”

  1. All these angel quilts are beautiful. I hadn’t heard of them before, but they sure look wonderful.Your swap quilt is looking lovely as well. So fresh.

  2. Hi,I just love that quilt all the Angels have a story to tell. Today I am picking my quilt from the quilter I just can’t wait to see it might email you a picture. It took me about 10 months to do the quilt top.Sylvia 🙂

  3. Hello There Stina… Absolutely Luv your Angel Story Squares that you have cut to go… So looking forward to seeing the finished article! Enjoy your Visitors…

  4. I had a lazy sunday too, stayed up with the teenagers (no, she is not a teenager now, she’s 20) to 4 in the morning………agree…I’m also too old to such late nights/early mornings. Your angel blocks are so cute. Love the colours in your blocks. They are so delicious.Hanne, Inger Lise, Ida and I are going to have a angel weekend soon.

  5. Hi Stina, the angel story quilt looks super…I actually have the book and have always wanted to get started on this quilt…I think you may have sparked some much needed motivation in me. Enjoy your family time…You may be short on room but I bet they will all have a gorgeous warm quilt to cover them. Jo x

  6. Hi, Stina ! :>)LOVE your cute angel blocks! They’ll make such a joyful quilt all together…I got my book yesterday morning :>)and immediately started cutting all the background blocks. Now they’re all ready, and I’m selecting the fabrics I’ll be using. I’m planning to prepare all blocks in July, and then do all the stitcheries, while on vacations in Sapin (August)…Could you tell me which DMC color nr you are using for the faces, hands, legs,… please ?THANKS, dear !Have a lovely stitching day,NADINEXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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