It is 3.45 AM!!!

My bookmark is finished!!!
Woo Hooo…
How´s it going for you ladies???
Are you tired… 😉
Not me….think I will get a reward for crazyness… don´t you think!
Here the sun is rising and it´s even lighter now…no problem taking photos outside without using a flash… I see some lightblue skye…maybe it wont be a bad weather day today…
Ok…now I´m signing off from reporting at this early hour…think my family appreciates me more later today..if I go to bed… 😉
Good luck…love to see what you have done when I wake up!!!

24 thoughts on “It is 3.45 AM!!!”

  1. Helloooo, Stina ! :>)I was just doing the same as you, right now : watching the sun rising, and listening to the little birds…. The family is all still sound asleep, and the house is just for me. Lovely moment ! :>)XOXOXOXOXONADINE(and such a cuuuute, lovely bookmark of yours!)

  2. Wow Stina, you are one ‘crazy’, whoops I mean ‘committed’ stitcher! 3.45am?!! Your bookmark is gorgeous. It is amazing to us in Australia that you have daylight all night. Makes for great photos & plenty of stitching time! Thanks for staying up so late to show us your cyber-stitching. You have done a great job considering it is the middle of the night!

  3. Stina,I was one of the lucky ladies at Mrs Martins Stitching Day and we all had a great time. BUT we were all so jealous of you because you were so far ahead of us with your projects. It was good to hear your progress through your blog – Happy stitching! Tina D.

  4. Stina,I was one of the lucky ladies to be at Mrs. Martin’s Stitching Day and we enjoyed hearing of your progress. How did you manage to finish so many projects so quickly? Tina D.

  5. Hi Stina,wish I had signed up for the cyber stitching now.I’m kicking myself.Like your bookmark and all the goodies you recieved and I cant believe how light it is there in the middle of the night.Have fun and a nice sleep.

  6. You’re amazing, Stina. Such dedication to your stitching. I’ve been very busy with work this week so enjoying catching up on all your news tonight. Bought the ‘Simple Pleasures’ book last week in Launceston. Your bookmark is very cute.

  7. Hello There Stina… The bookmark is way cute! Still attempting to assimilate the concept of 24Hrs Daylight… My Cyber Stitching Day had a bit of a false start but a bit each day or night as Peg says…

  8. Wake up Stina….where are you..LOL…my pics are up on my blog…..I have finished sewing the binding on the little wall hanging from Cyber Stitching…will start on the other projects this week….and you will be pleased to know that I have finished one of my five things already…LOL…the pincushion because it needs to be posted to my swap partner and my sewing machine is going away to be serviced tomorrow..I had finished the stitchery on it and just needed to sew it up…..so I guess I shouldn’t really count that…but I will….LOL Have a great week….

  9. Hi Stina, I want to thank you for stopping by my barn for a visit. I read your wonderful blog regularly and love all your beautiful stitchery! The bookmark is so cute. We celebrated Summer Soltice with friends and had a lovely feast. But we don’t get to have daylight all night like you! I’d never get any sleep if that happened. I tend to get sleepy when the sun goes down and I wake when it comes up. Just like the chickens.

  10. Finally got to a computer. You have been busy! Pretty bookmark! I love the 1 am picture! Can’t wait to see it for real.England has been better than expected… even the food has been good! Traffic is a whole other story…we won’t go into that now.Keep sewing! Talk to you soon!

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