Angel Story Club

Anni Downs…

Today I got mail from Anni Downs…writer of the fantastic book
“An Angels Story”.

It is from this book we are making the angels we are so in love with…and are determined to finish!!

She loved the idea…and wrote this:

“This sounds like a BRILLIANT idea!!, and I absolutely LOVE the badge – I WANT ONE!!!”

So I guess …now we have her blessings and this will go like a dance to get this quilt together!!
Hope there are more of you that want to join… don´t be scared of the deadlines…just join and see where it leads…of course the prize will be drawn from the ones who are finished 1st of January 2009..but the biggest prize must be to have this gorgeous quilt finished!! Don´t you agree!! So join and we all support each other!!
If you forgot the the simple rules…here they come again…
Top finished by 30th September..and quilt finished (quilted and binded) 1st of January 2009!!

So feel free to use this badge made of Marica…isn´t it lovely… and use this link to the picture:

I would be happy if you emailed me at with your progress and I will post about your progress…oohhh…isn´t it exciting…think of all the new fantasic angels we will see!!

And I know some of you have already started so look here…and you will see some lovley ones!!

And my own progress…
…two more done…
Hope that you all who have written to me…change your mind and join in anyway!! Like I said …don´t be scared of the deadline… think of the lovely quilt instead!!
Good luck to you all!!


20 thoughts on “Anni Downs…”

  1. How fun that you have so many “angelpeople” working with you. I wish all of you Good Luck! It is amazing what we can do if we put our mind to it! Looking forward to see all of the angel quilts finished!!! It might even get me going too….peer pressure is a strong motivator!

  2. Hi Stina,I would love to join you, but I finished mine last month!! Yippee!! Not that I’m bragging or anything! It sure was a great feeling and a huge effort!! Going to give it to Georgia for her 13th on Wednesday! Good Luck to everyone working on this challenge!! Cathyxx

  3. Your Angel Blocks look so cute Stina… Cannot wait to see your quilt all together! Keep thinking about that completed quilt Now…

  4. Your angel blocks are wonderful! I did a close up view of your blocks. Your stitching is just perfect. I don’t know anything about the book you are using for the patterns. Looks interesting.

  5. So much wish that I could quilt so that I could join you guys. I am just visiting in and seeing how creative you are. Your blog is wonderful and you have so much talent. You guys are having such a great time with all of this…. Kayce

  6. Hi, Stina ! :)OK, dear, I surrender…. this it really too cute. So, you can count me in. I’ll be getting the book in the coming weeks, and will start cutting, and fusing, and stitchingand blanket stitching, …..immediately 🙂 🙂 :)Fun, fun, fun is coming !THANKS for organizing all this,XOXOXOXOXOXOXONADINE

  7. Hi Stina!Finally I found you… Louise is here now!I wish you all luck with everything you are doing… I look forward to seeing your quilts, so I will keep reading your blog!Thanks for sharing!Love/ Anna in Canterbury

  8. Hi Stina, I was wondering if I can join in your challenge for the Angel story Quilt. I have brought some material today and Im am going to start straight away. I would love to join in too.Kez

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