Godmorning to you…

Had a good nights sleep..
just sorry to wake up with a bit of cold…pheew…
… had a wonderful breakfast…
needed that one…I do love long breakfasts…

today we are going to work in the garden some…have to redo a little..move plants and make more space for TENNIS!! Oh my my garden is going to be one big tenniscourt!!


…we were at an opening ceremony for a sports arena… we listened to wonderful music by Rongedal…I really enjoyed their show…really happy music…sorry forgot my camera…just the mobilphone… so no sound from this event… Yes I bought their CD…and got the autographs… and Louise D I said hello to your son…!!! 😉
Got a wonderful award a couple of evenings ago…
from Colleen at Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens
must have been really good for my soul…I slept like a baby…didn´t even wake up early as I use to!!

And as usual…I can not choose three of you wonderful bloggers out there…so consider you all chosen…!! Instead I would like to send this award to the people I know need it most these days…I say no names… Take care

I also have been tagged by Cara at The Quilt Nook… it´s a 5 Things Meme….
I know the rules…but I´m not going to tag anyone… feel free to tag yourself if you want to…but I share my fives with you…

1. What was I doing 10 years ago:
I lived in Östersund …trying to get my life back into normal…rehab after a broken hip…yepp did some cross country skiing… ( never done that since) and trying to build a new family!!

2. What 5 things are on on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):
First of get some aspirin for my headache… 😉 , help my DH in the garden…he is already out there… sew on my angel story…quilt on Quilters Journey…and rest !!!

3. Snacks I enjoy:
…and some more chocolate!!!…

4. Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
Oh…there are so many possibilites here…but I think I would like to come and visit
you all!!! Visit wonderful quiltshops all over the world…go fantastic classes with brilliant designers…and of course BUY a lot of fantastic quilty things!! Hmmm..that was rather selfish…wasn´t it!!! 😉

5. Places I have lived:
Ok… they are all in Sweden…and not so many…
Harads…Arjeplog…Älvsbyn…Östersund and now Öjebyn (Piteå)…all places in the north of Sweden…Ok Östersund in the middle!!!

That was a little something about me…Have a god Sunday to you all…now I better get out and help DH… 🙂 He has already been in here twice and checked me out …

And for last…
A fantastic giveaway at Jackies place
Canton Village Quilt Works….
Shes giving away free quilting for someone!!!
Hope it will be me!!


5 thoughts on “Godmorning to you…”

  1. Stina, It sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Enjoy and stay warm, I would send some your way if I could. Your Angel Challenge sounds fun and it will give everyone a little push to finish. That’s what we all need. I thought about the finish 5 challenge, but I have so many little items to finish, I don’t think they count. Have a Blessed Day,Bonnie

  2. I’m a little behind . . . so I do hope that you are feeling much better now. Also that you enjoyed the time in your garden. It’s always fun to dig around in the dirt just a little bit *s*

  3. Hope your cold is better now. Congrats on the award. You certainly deserve it. I’m a chocoholic too! Love the idea of a quilting world tour. For now though, I’ll have to be content with blogland. Guess that’s not so bad.

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