Who could it be…..???

…finally… a little pinwheel quilt size 12 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ ready to be shipped somewhere…but where??
Where will it go…where… this is quite fun…you know…maybe I should make a very long post just to tease you a bit… and maybe show you the winner tomorrow!!! No ok… 😉
…another tin with 100 names…some of you with 5 “tickets” ( my faithful readers)….
Viktor was happy to assist me…he thinks this is very fun… 🙂
He said when we was finished…-When will you do this the next time??
Can I have the names… and guess what …he has made a NEW ( !) list with all the names who came second , third and so on… and from where you are…!!
( Do you want to know how close you were… 😉 )
Think we have list for eveything…oh where was I… The drawing…YES!!!
…shake it up…Viktor!!!
…who will it be….exciting…ain´t it….
…Ta dam….
Congratulations to you Karen!!!
And at this lady´s place I haven´t seen any light fabrics … ;)…maybe she doesn´t want it…
Karen would you like the gift?? If so…please email me your private adress at
and I will put the miniquilt in the mail for you!!

And a very big thankyou to all of you who have participated… without you this wouldn´t be any fun at all!!


12 thoughts on “Who could it be…..???”

  1. Oh well… better luck to me next time! Viktor, I was hoping you would pull my name…Congratulations Karen! (If you don’t like 30’s stuff I’d be happy to take it off your hands….) No, seriously, enjoy it!

  2. You are right that you don’t see a lot of light fabrics in my stash but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like quilts made with them. I feel so lucky to have won your little quilt! Can’t wait to recieve it! It is absolutely charming!!

  3. Hi Stina. Your little giveaway quilt is gorgeous. Surely Karen will love it. Pinwheels are just the sweetest blocks I think. Have a wonderful weekend.

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