Last sewingweekend I was looking for some threads…I knew I had hid them…so I wasn´t going to use them in other projects…and I found this…
A little tinbox with a lot of half squares… yesterday evening I started to sew these small ones together …and ended up with a little pinwheelquilt… one block is 2 1/2″… Don´t know what will become of this one… but will add ….and maybe ….we will see… 😉
…and started on this one too…very blue and red…
…think I´m doing everything else…except for doing what I ´m supposed to do…

Thanks everyone who is commenting on my blog…it´s so fun to get to know you all!!
So my giveaway haven´t ended yet..will keep it open for at least …let´s see…3-4 days…it depends… So good luck to you all!

Have had rather good sewingweather…can not belive it´s summer in Sweden…we have about
+ 7 C ( 44 F) and we actually made a fire yesterday and this morning…and I think I´m going to make one tonight too…


15 thoughts on “Findings…”

  1. Stina, I love your pinwheel blocks. Isn’t it fun to find a quick little project that had been forgotten? Stay warm, maybe we should send over some of 98F Degree weather.

  2. Hei hei.Så flink du har vært!! Nydelige farger og fine sammensetninger. Det skjer nok ofte at vi gjør noe helt annet enn det vi hadde planlagt, ja. Kos deg selv om det ikke er varmt,- her hos meg er det bare 3 grader i kveld, og det har SNØDD i fjellet!!

  3. Hi Stina,Your quilts are georgous, love the pinwheels and colors. I love to quilt. I live in Texas, so it is getting closer to 100 degrees here. Wish we had a little bit of your cool wheather. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a post to get your name in for the giveaway. Have a Blessed Day,Bonnie

  4. StinaLove the pinwheels! 2.5″? you must be crazy but then again, you are a quilter and I think we are all a little odd! it was 22C here today and its winter! so cold that I had to put a cardigan on, short sleeves though!

  5. So you had forgott to do your angels or 😉 You made a good job on the small scraps you found. Today I´ll sew some secret pincusion and think what I would make to my PIF-partner ;-)hugs…

  6. Those pinwheels are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more. I really like the red and white fabric in the other one .. looks good with the blue. Glad you found them again.

  7. Love the little pinwheels! And your simplicity doll is beautiful. I would love to be entered in your 100 post giveaway, and congratulations on reaching that milestone.

  8. How exciting to find a tin full of somewhat forgotten squares! Maybe I should put some away somewhere to be found in a couple of years… I probably already have some somewhere!!! I just have to remember where all my UFO’s are. There are a lot of them….even though I try to forget! Some are not worth rembering!

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