Sweet Simplicity…

Finally she decided on the hairstyle…She got her long culy hair…pretty…and when she got her dress on she laughed and became very excited…and then the wings…then she just got all crazy…took a spin in the air and headed off to the trees…
…caught a glimpse of her there…
…and then suddenly she flew away…heard her laughing…all around…happily…
and …then nothing…she left me…heading for new adventures…somewhere…someplace.. if anyone see her… please let me know…I´d like to know where she went…
Please take care…Sweet Simplicity…love you…

15 thoughts on “Sweet Simplicity…”

  1. love her and she would be welcome to land at my place…….didn’t recognise the dress until last night when I was reading my Stitchery Special………it is very pretty and suits her perfectly….

  2. Hey Stina! Your dolly looks gorgeous – just the right hairstyle! Oh dear – hope she doesn’t get into too much mischief while she’s flying around – ah what the heck, mischief is FUN!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Have a great day and if I see Sweet Simplicity, I’ll send her home with a hug! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  3. Stina! She is so beautiful. Love her hair! And love the whole concept of making a doll. I made my very first crafty project back when I was in the third grade and it was a knitted doll that I taught myself to knit because I so desperately wanted her, so I always have a soft spot for seeing a pretty little dolly :o)

  4. She’s soooooooo cute, but looks a little bit naughty. Flying away on her own……hope she is careful on her way. I guess she will be back home really soon.

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