Look what I got today…

I was on the phone today with my friend Marica…when the doorbell rang… who is that I thought??? Maybe you will receive a big package Marica said…No …I´m not expecting something… She was right…it was the mailman who had a package for me…
and look what it was…
Wonderful magazines…and look at that wool… 🙂
the wool is really hard to find in Sweden…so I´m making a very happy dance!!
…ohhh…love the colours…and look at that beautiful card…and who sent me this…sweet, sweet Colleen from Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens…Wasn´t that a wonderful gift??
Thankyou so very much… :L

Since I have worked on a secret this week I can´t show you some photos yet… A couple of days ago I started a new stitchery… you Aussie´s might recognize it…

You see I have had this doll sitting all nude for a VERY long time now…poor thing..I´m so sorry… so I decided it´s about time to make her a dress…
…it became finished today…really hope she will like it..
…it´s made from the latest Australian Country Threads magazine…
I think she will have to try it out tomorrow…also made an appointment with the hairdresser for her…heard she was a bit excited about that…thinking of hairstyle and colour
So wish her good luck tomorrow!! It can be needed…cause I know the hairdresser…. 😉

20 thoughts on “Look what I got today…”

  1. Another parcel Stina, you are so lucky.I love your doll, the stitchery on the dress is so pretty. I look forward to seeing what hairstyle she comes out with.Have fun

  2. What fun getting such wonderful goodies in the mail. Your doll is going to love her new dress and I can’t wait to see her new hair do.

  3. Stina that doll dress is ADORABLE and she will look very lovely wearing it. What a great package you got in the mail – that wool makes my heart do a happy dance – why – because I LOVE wool, LOL.Hugs – Karen

  4. Hi Stina. Yes, as an Aussie I do recognise that lovely stitching, my favourite from the latest Country Threads. Dolly is sure to be pleased!

  5. Country thread and homespun are just the best magazines aren’t they. I love your dolly and I am sure she will be grateful for her pretty new frock. The stitching design is really pretty. Jo x

  6. You are very welcome :o) I have received some really nice things from others and I wanted to share too. :o) You and another one of my bloggy friends received some of my wool stash. I know you will make good use of it!Okay that doll is going to be a beauty. Can’t wait until she returns from her date at the hairdresser!

  7. I knowit it was a big package 😉 So lovely wool, love to see them in IRL this weekend and of course read the lovley magazines.. Perhaps I meet your new doll to, great stitchery..hugs

  8. Of course she will love her new dress . . . I can tell it’s going to be a perfect fit. And what girl doesn’t feel better after a trip to the hair dresser *s* Can’t wait to see her all decked out in her new finery.

  9. That dress is way cute!!! Can’t wait to see it on your doll and her new haircut to boot! : ) Your work really inspires me! Off to work on my stitching….

  10. Hey Stina! I lifted my blog curfew to come for a visit! Love the stitching you’ve done for dolly’s dress – she will be the envy of all other dollies!! Of course, she will have to decide on just the right hairdo! Somehow, most of my dollies end up with red hair of some shade – not sure why! Oh, wait, perhaps because MY hair is usually some shade of red!!! ;0) Have fun hairdressing! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  11. I love the wool fabrics too, such lovely rich fabrics. Its hard to find them here in Australia too so I always buy them when I get to go to America…wonder what you will make with yours?

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