Mothers Day….

This Sunday it was Mothers Day in Sweden…a day to feel a little bit more blessed than the others… my wonderful kids thought a little bit more of me…I hope… 🙂

Got to sew a great part of the day…finished my part of the secret I have been working on…sorry No PHOTOS yet… but soon I hope!
My DH and my son biked ( they biked on a tandem bicycle) to a cafe and had a wondeful time…eating yummie cakes !

This is my sons drawing for me on mothers day…Ohh..he knows that his mother loves pink and flowers… 🙂 btw…it´s not a cat or black panter as I said… :$
…you can see what it is…of course a bear… silly me… should have watched the tail… 😉
Linda came with beautiful peonies (Ohhh….I love them…especially pink!!) and white roses…
…and Petra enchanted my day with a phonecall …to tell me that she loves me…a Special day indeed… such a blessing…I love you all…

And MUM you are the best…love you!!


14 thoughts on “Mothers Day….”

  1. Be late Happy Mother’s day, Stina!Oh, your son’s drawing is so-o-o-o cute. He is so sweet to pick “Stina colors” for drawing too.*S*and thank you for sharing those beautiful flower pictures. I love peonies!!! 🙂

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