Todays mail was a very interesting package from Japan…from Lea
and look what I got!!! She just wanted to say thankyou for my 50th post gift…and wow…look at this…how in the world am I going to say thankyou for this… Japanese and American sweets…which my son already declared that it was a very long time until Saturday (the day he is allowed to eat candy)…-It smells sooo good…he said …;D
Lovely magazines…now she will have to translate the Japanese one for me…*LOL*…
…and a lovely ribbon…with Little Red Riding Hood” I think…and a pattern from Primitive Pieces By Lynda…how in the world could she know I love her work…;D
I´m ever so thankful…Thankyou Lea…from the bottom of my heart!!

Been at my optician today…needed new eyeglasses…ladies I´m beginning to get old…can´t focus on near sight…so the eyeglasses are always up on the head nowadays…;D..and I guess thats not the place for them…*LOL*
I haven´t sewed anything this wekend and hardly anything since Thursday last week…been a bit low on energy…have to retreive some energy!
And I need to clean up my sewingroom!!! It looks like a bomb has exploded in there…maybe thats why I can´t sew…*LOL* Maybe tomorrow I will have some energy for that..I hope! And wash some fabrics…pheeeww….
Please send ENERGY!! …;D
Thanks again Lea…love your presents…

9 thoughts on “Thankyou….:o)”

  1. Hi Stina,How exciting getting a parcel like that in the mail.All those lollies might give you a quick energy boost.Have a great day

  2. Very nice package from Lea! She is a sweetheart! Your eyes sound like mine. I see better close up without the glasses. But not as good as before. Your sewing room sounds like mine also. Your pink homespun projects are so adorable!

  3. I’m glad you and Viktor finally taste those chewinggums!*S*Yes, Blueberry one is the biggest hit item when it came out in Japanese market early 80’s. 🙂

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