Cheri Saffiote Payne

And today it´s Wednesday…

Wednesday block finished…ohhh…this is so fun…On this one I used buttons from my grandmother…so now I have a little piece from her in this quilt…
Have to show you what I got yesterday from my friend Åsa… We have been trying to meet ever since my birthday…and finally we made it…!! Look at this…
…aint the presents beautiful wrapped… I could hardly open them…

…and the cards…soooo…beautiful… isn´t theese old cards really something!! I just love them…
And the saying on the other card…that sure is right!! We had a lovely time…catching up on the past…We have to meet soon…!!! She wants to learn how to quilt..and I have promised her to learn…so what are we waiting for…;D

And what was in the presents… Lovely vintage boots made by her and
the cutest bear in lovely spring colours…and a beautiful saying….
Thankyou Åsa for you lovely gifts…

Today we have a perfect weather some sewing, stitching or reading …the wind blows…snow is whirling around the house… Spring seems to be …I don´t know…not in the north of Sweden anyway…


14 thoughts on “And today it´s Wednesday…”

  1. What beautiful presents, I especially love the boots, are they scented?I like your blocks with the days of the week on them, nice colours.You are getting lots of sewing done,I wish I was. Have a great day.

  2. So lovely present you got from Åsa. She is really good to do things and I hope she learn to quilt soon 🙂 We have the same weather here in Kåge too :(hugs Marica

  3. I love your My Country Week quilt block. It’s so “Stina”! Lovely pinks and blues…..*S*and those goodies! Oh, You are so lucky!!!! I love them!!!

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