hasn´t that word a special ring to it……this is me working on my Tuesday block…
didn´t even have my sewingmachine with me this weekend….handsewing and quilting on my Quilter´s Journey…thats what I have been doing…
….more handsewing…eyeglasses off…hows that Marica??
Isn´t this a beautie!!!
Cici is expecting her second child and this is what Lotta made for her…
I think it is absolutely gorgeous…and there is a little sign which says…Baby is coming!

This is Kristina working on her Block
Keeper… we are getting very organized…;D

Don´t you just love her

And Cici finally finished her “Gammal Kärlek” ….

…Sooo beautiful colours…
…Marica , me and Louise ..we did this one tooo and they are all so different..will show them some other day…

This is what Cici made last month when I wasn´t sewing with them…

The sewingbasket is so pretty and
the measuring-tape bird is soooo lovely…

As always theese weekends ends to quick…just when you have started…;D…I already miss you all…


4 thoughts on “Sewingweekend…”

  1. *s* my eyewear is not good when I try to handsewing. To morrow I´ll blogging aoubt people who´s slepping in our quiltmeétings ;-)Thanks for this weekend!lots of hugs from Marica

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend. My best friend in Grade 1 and 2 was called Lotta and her parents were from Sweden. And my favourite band ever is ABBA. Are you a fan? Happy stitching.Christine

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