Today was the day when I couldn´t see all the snowmen inside…so off they went …longing for snow somewhere else!!! Gosh…how much dust there was…think I must have forgotten how to clean…maybe I have been sewing instead…*LOL*
…this is in our livingroom…
…and in the corner…where I have a one of a kind ladder made of my father…ohh…I love that one…thanks dad…
…and my first Leanne´s House….
When I hang this up…It´s starting to be SPRING!!!
Today we have had a wonderful weather…clearblue skye and warm sun…and belive me or not…the snow melts…!!!!
Tomorrow me and my friends in my quiltinggroup will have a sewing weekend…hurray…so hopefully I will get something made….not just talk and eat…;D

11 thoughts on “Springcleaning…”

  1. Hi Stina, I love the photos of your home.Your Leannes house quilt is lovely, I have the patterns and material for that but have not made it yet.Have a great time with your quilting friends. Jo

  2. Dustbunnies are living here too :)Cleaning have to wait until after our 20 th annual quilt meeting next weekend. Love your corner with the ladder. That is a great idea for showing quilts.Your envelope is in the mail today 🙂

  3. You have a lovely home. I love the ladder with the quilts. Can I see some Tilda rabbits on the sideboard? I have become a Tilda fan – have 3 books now. Your Leanne’s House quilt is beautiful. I’d like to make it too one day.

  4. I love seeing the photos… Your home is just like I pictured it. I love the ‘Leanne’s House’ quilt. Inspires me. I’m going to knock out the chores and maybe work on some blocks today.

  5. I’m hoping spring is coming for us too, we’ve had bits of snow the last couple of days. Your Leane’s quilt sure makes me think spring. Have a good time with your sewing group.

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