Noah´s ark

Noah`s Ark…

Today I have finished my first block in Lynette Andersons FREE Bom…I think it got quite cute..don´t you think??….Kind of me…for the moment anyway…seem to have problems with darker fabrics… I need more pink plaids…!! ;D
If anyone have a tip on a quiltshop with a lot of plaids…please make a comment..
Have a really nice weekend with a lot of sewing…

12 thoughts on “Noah`s Ark…”

  1. I love your bunnies and the colours you have chosen. I saw some lovely pastel plaids on the website in the Simplicity fabrics by Moda.

  2. Awwweee, This block is so cute! I’ve been seen this BOM in the blogland and fun to see everybody’s blocks.your block is so pretty. I love those fabrics that you used for this block. It’s so “You”, Stina! *S*

  3. I love your pastel version. I am thinking I need to do another one that is lighter. Sorry I don’t know about pastel plaids, but I haven’t been shopping lately.

  4. I love the colours you have stitched your bunnies in. Mcleods Daughters is also a favourite tv show of my daughter and I.Unfortunately they are only making one more series which we will see this year 😦 Have a nice day. Jo

  5. I Love the colours you have stitched your bunnies in.My daughter and I are fans of Mcleods daughters too.Unfortunately this will be the last season this year:-( Have a great day Jo

  6. I love the colors that you did your block in. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind words. Please come again. I will back.

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