Quilters Journey

Making progress…

Slow but safe…I think…I´m finally getting something done…have finished my stitchings on my Quilters Journey…preparing it for handquilting…yes I know I probably stupid here…but I think it needs some more stitches…LOL…and one more thing…I promised myself not to start Butterfly Garden until this one is finished…guess I´m much more stupid then I thought…cause I just want to start with that one!!!
Finally made the first block of Rosalie Quinlans Joy of Life …I have been having pieces all over the place ..and last night i sewed them in place…pheeew! And this one…I was going to machineapplique…but no way I could do that…( my machine and I weren´t buddies last night…) so theese pieces were prepared with vliesofix…so they were a bit tricky to applique by hand…. hmmmm…. but they will have to do. Freezer paper for the rest…yepp!!
I think it needs a pink binding…? What do you think! Light, medium or dark pink?

8 thoughts on “Making progress…”

  1. I soooo agree with a pink binding. Like Leanne told us to choose a colour from what you have chosen in the quilt. Love the new block you are working on. I have thought a long time of buying this BOM too, but have not done that yet.

  2. Oh, How gorgeous! This quilt is So-o-o-o “You”, Stina.It’s very pretty.I love pink also and binding…mmm…. I go for dark pink too. *S*

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