Today I visited Libby´s blog and she wanted us to share our ironingboards..and here is mine… I seem to stack a lot of things on mine…Does anyone else do that?? Sometimes I get a bit surprised when I find my long lost scissors or patterns or maybe that piece of scrap that I didn´t find when I needed it under piles of things I just set aside…
Glad you can´t see my workingspace with the sewingmachine…I was smart enough to take the picture from the right angle…LOL…;D

6 thoughts on “Ironingboard…”

  1. Thanks for sharing your photo. I, too, use my board for more than just an ironing surface. I also do nearly all of my cutting on my ironing board. With a Cut and Press board on top, it becomes the perfect height for me – no sore back from lots of cutting. I like the piece you have to hold your iron . . . every board should come with this *s*

  2. I’ve just recently found your blog. You do lovely work and I’ve enjoyed looking at your projects. My ironing board seems to be the resting places for all sorts of things too….including DH’s wallet, keys and cellphone when he comes home from work.

  3. I,m glad that I don’t have a blog because my ironing board is a warzone, but I don’t have to show it!!! Curious to see what you are making. Just finished my flowers, and I’m off to work.

  4. Stina, your iron board is very cute. I love the polka dots!*S*I love your notion case also. Did you made this? It looks very neat with all your tools in.

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