Packed for…one month or so…

Pheeew…this is insane!!! I can´t pack…think I have with me stuff for beeing away for a month or so…not just a weekend!!! One bag with fabrics (ok …theese I´m going to sell…but anyway), one bag with stuff for the course, one bag for me…;D and of course my sewingbuddy!!! And still I´m adding stuff to the bags all the time…have to go to bed or else they will break!!!
The fever is gone…just the cold left…but I think I will manage…hope my friends stands out with me snoring…soo Örnsköldsvik here I come…
Must have a new stitchery with me…so I will begin Rosalie Quinlans “Love Is”…I know…it´s something new, but I´m almost finished with Quilters Journey…;D
Insane…or what!!!


3 thoughts on “Packed for…one month or so…”

  1. Love the look of your blog. Gorgeous. Hope you had a lovely weekend. If you look on my blog you’ll see I have tagged you. Join in if you want. No problem if you don’t. Can’t wait to see more of your Rosalie Quinlan stitchery. I am very lucky and going to a workshop with her next weekend. Happy stitching. Christine

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