My first patchwork…

Today I was out reading May Kristins blog and shes a clever girl !!! Cause she popped the question that so many of us are thinking…What about our first quilts, and why did we start and what on earth keeps us going with this special craft that keeps us sewing backwards all the time!!

I guess that I always have been interested in crafting, my family is the kind who likes what comes made out from your hands…whatever there is ;D I guess the only one who isn´t crafting is my mother…she´s allergic to sewingmachines ;D…but I do remember her knitting when i was younger…so I know she can if she want to!! I also have a strong memory when I decided to make myself a knitted cap with a lot of colours and patterns and she said that I never would finish that…but I did! My grandmother was someone who always had something to work on at any occasion…and ofcourse I wanted to learn. I do have a little dollquilt that she made from scraps of all the clothes she sewed for us…It´s not pretty, not well sewn…but the only thing I still have from her….

Grandmothers dollquilt
My mother gave me my first sewing machine when I got my first child…a Husqvarna. On that one I started to sew childrens clothes and my sewing interest started. Later on I got a job at a fabricstore and sewed curtains day and night… And my Husqvarna got tired and guess what… I got a new one when I turned 30…and I guess my mother was the headsponsor!! This time a Bernina… and with this lady I got hooked on quiltmaking. At this time I lived with an alcoholic and my time with the sewing machine was my rest. I needed more time to sew to keep my mind healthy. So one day I composed a pillow….

I hadn´t any pattern I just sewed with what I had..and I didn´t know what to use and how to put it together…but it´s MY ever so special pillow. And guess what…I got hooked as anybody else ;D and soon I signed up for a quiltingclass and thats the way it is!!
And why do I keep on going on with this…all I can say is…It´s the most fun and feel lucky when I create. And all the fabulous people I have met through this I can not count how blessed I am…

I truly hope that I have learned a bit here and there and one thing I will know for sure is that I will not ever stop fiddling with my patches…as long as my eyes and body will accompany me. I do have a new quiltingbuddy now…cause my headsponsor and family gave me a new one again when I turned 40…and this time… I sew on a Pfaff… Thanks for letting me sew!!


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