Carolina Crossroads

Step 3 finished!!

Catching up ladies!! It feels good to make one step a day now so I can be more prepared on Thursday when Bonnie puts up step 6… So I am not quite there yet…two more clues to go…pheew… Hope to make at least step 4…cause I haven´t got my ruler yet…it is somewhere in California for the moment…with Louise… I am a “bit” jealous of her who is “Over there” and having a wonderful time!! I wish it would have been me!! Have a VERY good time Louise!! And think of me ;D…now you can see what kind of fabric I´m running out on!!! ;D
Step 3 More Nine Patches

1 thought on “Step 3 finished!!”

  1. Hei Stina. Så fine farver du har på mysteri-quilten din. Du behøver ikek linjalen til step 5, det er lagt ut en alternativ metode å sy på , og spør du meg så tror jeg den er like grei å bruke.

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