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Temperature quilt … May blocks

Five months with recording temperatures … I really thought I would forget all about it and not remember. But I have stayed focused, even if I got behind this month … 😅 Now when these are made I don’t feel too bad about being behind with June blocks … it will be ok.

See … new colours added!

Still lots of greens … and actually a bit of blue and a purple as lowest temps. It’s our cold nights. Three weeks of May passed before it became plus degrees all night.

Greens and yellows … and still cold mornings.
First day with plus degrees all day and night on the 23th of May

And a bit of peachy pink arrived.

Can really see that the temps are getting warmer
31st of May hit the temp record with 26 C 💗
All blocks so far January – May

Yes, picture is rotated! 😂 I couldn’t fit all the blocks on my design wall so I hung them as I could and rotated the picture! I think it works!

Now to sew June blocks, can’t wait to see them … we have had a really warm June so it will be fun to see them sewed up. 💗💗💗

Hang in there, I do my best … am very happy for my hobbies that keep me happy and focused on the good.

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Happy Midsummer from Sweden

We’ve had glorious weather the last two weeks so everything flower wise have exploded with colour intensity and I can’t be happier for that. Knowing though that this period of flowers will be over for less intensity. So it is with summers up north. It’s to enjoy here and now.

This is Midsummer for me … Wildflowers!

The joy of being able to just go out and pick your flowers at morning..isn’t that grand! 💗😍

Silene dioica/ Rödblära/ Red Campion

This one has the PERFECT PINK 🌸💗🌸 …so no wonder it’s a favourite.

Taraxacum/ Maskros/ Dandelion

Know this little sunny flower ain’t loved by some … but I do love it. Smile seeing all the yellow colour bursts after a dull winter, that is happiness.

Anthriscus Sylvestris/ Hundkäx/ Cow Parsley

Another pretty wildflower, not liked by some…but me…I do like.

Apple blossoms and the cutest little bumble bee!

Wow…these just blossomed for a few days! Poof and they were gone!


Church town walk …

Viola Canina/ Ängsviol/ Heath Dog Violet

Love violets in all shapes! 💜

But this Violet … she’s most loved!

Sweet Molly of mine, or well in fact she is Viktors, but see her as mine!

One heart sewn “every” day while Viktor is in the US.

These hearts keep me company and stay focused at these strange and hard times that we all go through. Take care all, we can do this, even if it’s tough being without hugs from loved ones. I for sure long like crazy, but it’s only to accept and lift head up and look forward to better times.

Happy Midsummer All! 🌸🌸🌸

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A flowery post …

It was such a long time since I posted pictures from the nature around where I live … and since I moved in 2016 from the house I’ve lost some of the nature scenes I loved from there … but I’ve found others. With mostly village around me it’s not quite the same … but love living in this small village.

Live near the church and The Old Churchtown and it’s here I do most of my walks. Love the calmness here.

Bird Cherry Tree in The Old Churchtown
Prunus Padus/ Hägg/ Bird Cherry tree

Absolutely love this tree … it’s among the first blooming trees with an almondy scent that fills the air. And it’s so welcome after our long winters!

My favourite poem.
My grandmother had it on a cupboard over her stove, so I have grown up with it.
And a nice reminder to cherish the moments in life here and now.

“I saw the bird cherry blooming,
there was a scent of it
Then I went to my beloved
and said, Look and feel!
She was standing by the macaroni
she sewed on a cloth.
And when she lifted her eyes
the bird cherry had blossomed. “

Alf Henriksson

Blue Anemone
My loved Molly 💗
White Anemone

Just before the Bird Cherry tree blossom the Anemones show up. Pure Happiness seeing all the flowers where it has been all white with snow!

Prunus Maacki/ Näverhägg/ Manchurian Cherry

This is another tree that blossoms with more gracile flowers, also with a almondy scent but not quite like the Bird Cherry tree.

Rönn/ Rowan

Perfect clusters of creamy little flowers on the Rowan tree, also scented with a more sharp smell. Do sneeze a bit when this one blooms 😅

Rubus Arcticus / Åkerbär/ Artic raspberry

This one is my areas (Norrbottens) flower. It only grows in the northern hemisphere. The berries are a delicacy! Tastes between raspberries and wild strawberries.

View from the church

Will continue with more flowers another day … ending with a picture from The Old Church town viewing towards where I live ( down this street).

🌸 Take Care out there 🌸