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I’m not dead! 😊

But one can almost think so…I totally lost it for a while. Lots of things happenings my life…not ready yet to tackle it all 💗

But I just wanted to say:

-I know that pictures are missing on years of blogposts, it crashed this summer and I haven’t gotten the energy to get them all back.

But I’m working my way back and fix now and then 💗

Have a wish to get this blog back on track again…I really really do!

Crossing fingers! 😊

Hope to see you soon!

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Charging my batteries…

Sometimes things happens and you just need to take a BIG BIG deep inhale of air and try to get your life together again. My head needed TIME OFF. Headaches became a “little” bit too much of a company!

I still need my pause…💗…To get back on track again, find my meaning in life and to feel ok with sewing. I can not go on being hurt over and over again for being creative and for having happiness in making things with my hands…that’s who I am.

I’m so sorry that this happened when I started to feel ok with my sewing and also the blogging…now I have to put on my big boots again and start over, refocus and take back what’s lost! 💕 And I’m not sure where to start…yet!

Have been doing a lot of thinking…and it has been thinking that hadn’t led me anywhere…

-Shall I continue to blog…or do Instagram?

-Private or not? Only invited or public? Start new? Lots of questions to be solved.

Never felt this insecurity about my blog before…because I love you all…YOU have made me feel optimistic and happy again. I love to share from my life and what I (hopefully) make…would not like to let go of that.

I sure need to give this some thought…guess the answers will come to me when I’m ready for it. A breather will be good!😍

So once again this poor little blog of mine will continue to be a poor little blog…you shall know I still DO have hope that this happy place of mine will be filled with happy creative stuff…I just have another huge BUMP to get over before I will be back to my sunny self again! 😍

I AM OK…do not worry…💗💖💗…I just need to find my way again…it’s another puzzle to lay out again..and I do have some missing pieces.

So I’m waving a little hello from the north of Sweden that finally is into Spring! That is happiness and to spend days with my sweet pea…Miss Stella…here she is in her new knitted knot hat. Big hugs to you all…💗

Oh…and by the way…I see that some of you followers are signed up twice for my email subscriptions…that happened after I imported followers from the old place…so if you get TWO emails…please let me know! 💗💗💗

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March girls…

First me … becoming one year wiser … I hope 😜 … then this little cutie turned one year old … time sure have flown by quick.

Stella one year old … 💗

She now walks, talks and giggle a lot 😍 a real little cutie filled with a lot of energy. Never still!

Next birthday girl is Miss Molly and she shares her day with my Dad that turns 80 on Sunday.

Miss Molly 8 years 💗

Will go to Arjeplog for a few days to celebrate dad, looking forward to meet family.

UPDATE: Dad had a fall yesterday and am now transported to hospital … wonder where he will celebrate his big birthday 😔.

Sewing wise it have been a real disappointment … not finished the Fox … it still needs a face. Been way too tired to pick up needle and thread.

A lot of rest and self care have been my mission that’s ok!

Bathroom is almost finished … YAY … so that is a BIG relief … will make me feel at ease … PEACE … and calmness … will do me good. 💗

Have been crocheting at evenings … with these yarns … have a plan for them … will show soon … need to keep it a secret a little bit longer.

My next project (read several projects) … that have been on my mind will involve these beauties … that I have had in my stash for years … happy I can shop at home 😉 … think I now have come up with a plan for them. Now to dare the first cut! 😜

Kona Sunset fabrics – don’t think they can be bought now.

Wonder when the cutting will happen … that’s the big question! If it will happen … I might change my mind when I actually come to the sewing.

Leslianne Made It

Happy Sewing!