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Pack Patch Mini Quilt … a finish

This quilt have been in my drawers since summer 2014! And it for sure deserved to be finished. So with a quick decision, it was basted and I started to hand quilt it while looking at tv at evenings.

It was a quilt along made by Chase at 1/4” mark, and was held on Flickr. Remember it was a really fun one QAL. Would be fun making something like this again.

We made two blocks every week, and Chase had a theme and some β€œrules” for us to try and stick to with the blocks. πŸ˜‰

Links to the blogposts, where you can read a little bit more on my choices.

Week 1 My true colours & Favourite colours.

Week 2 April Showers & Brings May Flowers

Week 3 I was born in …? & I wish I was born in …?

Week 4 Classical Movies & Tv Show/ talk show

Week 5 The moment of me and mum/dad & The moment of me and kids/nieces/friends children.

Week 6 & 7 Sewing Room & Laundry Room/Day & City Mouse & Country Mouse

Week 8 Cheddar Block & Two Colours Block

Week 9 & 10 Vintage Block & Modern block & our own choice

Pack patch mini quilt top

Decided to do simple big hand quilting, that is what I like, and can do if not overdoing it every night. One stitch at the time.

Love my mums dress fabric (the blue stripe and check fabric). Love to add it to some quilts πŸ’—
Binding is dress fabrics from my girls, and other old vintage fabrics from our childhoods.
Love this little quilt πŸ’—

Fun fact … I started this quilt in the middle of May 2014 and it was finished exactly 6 years later in the middle of May 2020! 😍 Yay to me!

Take care out there … Hugs!

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Doll quilt and little rabbit …

When finishing the quilt for Stella I decided to make a little quilt for her doll bed ( that is my old doll bed 😍) and a cute little rabbit πŸ’—.

She’s not big … just about 6” πŸ’—

Pattern bought from Helen Phillips and she was very fun to sew. I do love to sew on tiny things think it’s all about the details.

Matchy matchy!

Of course the dolls needed a quilt in the same colours as Stella. Happy for my scrap box, so this was a quick make .

Almost camouflaged!
Isn’t that dress cute?

I’m still in isolation, girls shop for me so my only company is Molly … thank goodness for her! And I’m happy that some of her recent pain have gone after a medical cure of anti inflammatory meds.

Hope May brings a lot of smiles to you all … stay safe and take care 🌸 and hope May brings a bit of ease as well!

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Stellas Quilt …

I have a finish!

It ONLY took me … lets see … 2 years and 4 months to finish !! You can read about the start HERE . (I am still updating my blog so ..yes I know pictures is missing, so this link I fixed)

Feels so good to finally give this quilt to my happy loving Stella who is so curious on life. Hard not being able to give her a hug and be around her at this moment, and it breaks my heart every time she wants me to come and hold hands. But it’s all for the good..I know it. πŸ’—But hard!

This morning I walked to their house and delivered the quilt and two other little surprises outside to a curious little girl asking for what surprises Mommo had in her backpack.

🌸Cute! 🌸
Photo taken by Petra

Took photos outside yesterday … it was blowing like crazy so had to go between houses in the Old Church town otherwise the quilt would have ended up in the dirt somewhere!

The machine appliquΓ©d wreath
Flowers at the bottom of the quilt.
Big hand quilt stitching with 4” apart with Perle thread
( took forever)
But happy I continued with the hand quilting because the quilt is so much softer!
A bit of whimsical texting
Spring feelings!
A good size for Stella to cuddle up with. Happy I made it larger since it took for ages to finish it! Now she even can use it on her bed!
Love you Miss Stella…enjoy your new quilt! πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’—

Will have to post the little surprises in another post. So another post might happen really soon! See you!