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Temperature blocks … October, November and December

Last three months are now done … a big relief. Have the sections, four ones pieced together nicely folded in a drawer. Waiting for inspiration to struck on how to quilt this quilt. Phew 😅 always my stop point in making quilts … I never seem to be able to decide!

Here comes the last months with cooler weather. But not as cold as I thought when putting my colour scale together. Have NOT USED one piece of the darker colours I thought I would use! Definitely surprised as we use to have pretty cold winters!

Change in weather! Definitely colder days ahead. First snow came in October.
Pale yellows indicates temps around 10 C and a little peak with a peachy day at 13 C on the 2nd of October.
One of the colder days with -5 C at morning, and around zero during the day on the 21st of October

November came … and the greens returned. Is it only in Sweden it has been strange weather?

A change though from the October blocks. Less yellows even if there is a a day with + 10C !
Pretty greens 💚 Do think they are my favourites, but I guess I say the same with the blueish and pinks 💕
Warmest day on the 2nd of November with 13C, so it’s the last peachy fabric used. A warm morning with 6C.
Colder and colder … -11C at morning and warmed up a bit during the day to -4C, here I thought I might get to use those darker fabrics … 😉

December came … and this is how it looks … still greens … but with a more blueish change. And no yellows!

One of the warmer days … around zero all day … warmest day had 3C during the day
Gotta love the purples here … and shows that the temp have dropped to about -6C … not at all so cold. Coldest day in December was -10 at morning, but then it was 2C as warmest. So strange!
Last day of 2020. Cold start with -6 and plus degrees during the day.
Last three months sewn together!

I made it … Have never had a project that I needed to be dedicated to for a whole year like this. To remember recording temps every day, because there weren’t any temp station near where I lived and I wanted the temps to show my temps … that was vey much well done to me. Think I had two alarms to remind me … 😂

So … it’s decision time … the quilting? Won’t do anything fancy at all and I won’t hand quilt it either. I say better done ✅ than being in a drawer!

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Scraps, Temperature Quilt

Temperature blocks … July, August and September

First of all … Thankyou all so much for still finding a little bit of interest in my blog. Became so happy to see all of your sweet comments … it made me very emotional … but in a good way … so Thankyou 💗💗💗

So to keep up my momentum … here comes an update on my temperature blocks for July, August and September. I just loved sewing these … was fun with all the orange. How in the world have I started to like orange? Have disliked that colour since a kid … but not now … think it might have been the colour combination with olive greens and browns that put orange way down the list of my colours. But pair it with yellows, pinks and purple and I’m a happy girl.

Not as warm as June!
A day with temps around 10 C all day … that’s pretty cold for high summer … even in Sweden!
Warmest day in June with morning temps at 11C and highest with a smashing 23 C … that is more to my liking

What’s been most exciting with making this temperature quilt is how I have been forced to accept the changes with colours. Since I have a predetermined colour scheme that is what I have had to use and that have learnt me to accept that not all blocks become to my liking. Look at second last picture and see how good they look together … think this is the secret to Mother Natures best recipe! Add in lots of colours, shades, tints … not just a few fabrics … LOTS … it’s the overall look that makes it.

Now we are back to warmer weather …
Warm and sunny days … but not that warm … we are talking about summers in North of Sweden … so highest temps in August were 24C.
End of August are having chillier mornings … this day the 26th of August we had 6 C at morning and 13 C as warmest.
Autumn is here! Think it’s a big change of intensity here … colours become much softer and not taking as much space. Like a whisper of what will come.
Greens are back … and that says that temps are below 10 C
A day that had almost the same temp all day … 13-15 C
Here is the third quarter of the year sewn together. Doesn’t it look fantastic … at least I think so!

I absolutely love how it looks. Happy I decided to sew these blocks anyway. Despite how 2020 became with the hardship of it all. Let’s focus on the GOOD in life 💗

Scraps, Temperature Quilt

Temperature Quilt … June blocks


Oh my goodness … I lost the momentum once again and neglected my lovely blog. The Pandemic have now ruled the world more than a year and I still sit alone here at my place. Waiting for vaccine and long for my family.

In June 2020 … I lost energy and motivation for anything. Sewing became too hard. Headaches ruled.

But did I give up. No… I decided to learn new things … like to knit socks and paint. It was easier to pick up and down and rest a lot in between and was a good focus instead of COVID and all the sad news. Took therapy help. And those talks made me realise I need to make things, surround myself with colours and to focus on the good . And therapist learned me how to do striped days! A game changer … Sew 15 minutes, rest as long I need, Knit 15 min … rest … and on repeat! Not easy! But I felt more at ease as the months passed. No stress allowed.

With 2021 I made an effort to wake myself up and do good for me … so I decided to finish up old old WIP’s and with those finishes I sewed again and felt more happy again!


Found my temperature blocks and felt sad over them … who would want to remember 2020? The hardest year I have been through. Well I did survive it so something good have come out of that. So I have sewn all the missing months as a reminder to not taking anything for granted and enjoy what I can. Hallelujah!

So here we go … June 2020 blocks

Love all the oranges and yellows

June was warm … think it was our warmest summer month. It use to be July and August.

Coldest morning with + 5 C
Warmest day … 29 C ☀️
Cold mornings (greens) with higher ( yellows and oranges) temps during the day

That’s a little from me … still trying to get myself back on my feet. Figuring things out as I go. One day at a time. Focusing on the GOOD! Headaches still rule my life. But at least I have a little sunshine during my days now. Yay!

Might set my blog private and that means that no one can read it unless I invite readers. Maybe that is what I need to do to be comfortable again with being public. Maybe no one is here to read the blog anyway 😜. Will think about this and see what I will do… see you lovelies!